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About Jennifer Zeman, Hawaiian Weddings and Tropical Honeymoon consultant

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Top 10 Reasons to Get Married in Hawaii

#10Save $$ Hundreds $$ on men's apparel
(Wear shorts to your own wedding!)

#9Save $$ Thousands $$ on an
expensive wedding dress

(You can still wear one if you want!)

#8Very Low Stress!
(Details organized by professional/Hawaiian wedding planners)

#7Save $$ Thousands $$ on a reception
(You can still have one if you want!)

#6Save $$ Hundreds $$
on a rehearsal dinner

#5First Hand Travel Agent Knowledge
(She was married in Hawaii and can help
make the process fun and stress-free!)

#4You don't have to travel to your honeymoon
(You are already there!)

#3Your wedding is unique and romantic

#2Beautiful flowers, music, limos,
licenses, tropical location, and planning
all for under $1,500!

#1You still get gifts!

Bonus reason#11The distance will
keep “Cousin Eddie” away!

(Although friends and relatives you do want to attend
have an excuse for a wonderful vacation!)

For more information on your Hawaiian wedding
please contact Jennifer Zeman at 503.231.0796
or email jennifer@offtotheislands.com

thinking about getting married in Hawaii? I did!
“ This is what my husband and I did! We decided to get married in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands, and you can experience this unique and romantic way to get married too!
I would love to meet with you and show you how easy, stress-free, and inexpensive your destination wedding can be!
Please call me today to schedule your free consultation, and I'll share the many advantages of getting married in a way you'll cherish forever.”
–Jennifer Zeman
Hawaiian Weddings
and Tropical Honeymoons

Jennifer and Jeff embrace their wedding vows on the beach in Hawaii immediately following their ceremony



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